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Introducing the RICOH DD 5451 HC Digital Duplicator, a cutting-edge solution designed for high-performance printing and unparalleled efficiency. Exclusively available on printerbd.com, this advanced digital duplicator from RICOH redefines the standard for fast and cost-effective document reproduction.

Key Features:

High-Speed Duplication: The RICOH DD 5451 HC is engineered for rapid and high-volume printing, boasting an impressive output speed that ensures swift duplication of documents without compromising on quality.

Precision Printing: Enjoy crisp and clear reproductions with the advanced printing technology of the RICOH DD 5451 HC. Whether it's text, graphics, or images, this digital duplicator delivers exceptional precision for all your printing needs.

Efficiency Redefined: Streamline your printing processes with the user-friendly interface and intuitive controls of the RICOH DD 5451 HC. This digital duplicator is designed for ease of use, making it an ideal choice for both experienced professionals and those new to high-volume printing.

Cost-Effective Operation: Experience significant cost savings with the RICOH DD 5451 HC. Its innovative design optimizes ink consumption, ensuring that you get more copies per cartridge, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Versatile Media Handling: Accommodating a variety of paper sizes and types, the RICOH DD 5451 HC provides versatility for your printing needs. From standard letter-sized documents to specialized media, this digital duplicator handles it all with ease.

Reliable Performance: Built with RICOH's renowned commitment to quality and durability, the DD 5451 HC digital duplicator offers reliable performance that you can trust. It is a robust solution for high-demand printing environments.

Eco-Friendly Design: With energy-efficient features and eco-friendly practices, the RICOH DD 5451 HC is designed to minimize its environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing focus on eco-conscious business practices.

Elevate your printing capabilities with the RICOH DD 5451 HC Digital Duplicator, available exclusively on printerbd.com. Discover a new level of speed, precision, and efficiency in document duplication, meeting the demands of modern businesses and organizations. Order yours today and experience the future of high-performance printing technology.

Brand: Ricoh

Product ID: NOv3326lZn

RICOH DD 5451 HC Digital Duplicator 

Printing Technology:
High-Speed Digital Duplicator
Printing Speed:
Impressive output speed of up to 45 to 135 sheets/minute (5 steps variable)
Advanced printing technology for sharp and precise reproductions
High-resolution output for text, graphics, and images
User Interface:
Intuitive control panel for easy operation
User-friendly interface for seamless navigation
Media Handling:
Versatile paper handling capabilities
Accommodates various paper sizes and types
Specialized media support for diverse printing needs
Cost Efficiency:
Optimized ink consumption for cost-effective operation
Maximized number of copies per cartridge
Handles a wide range of documents and media
Ideal for standard letter-sized documents and specialized media
Built with RICOH's commitment to quality and durability
Reliable performance for high-demand printing environments
Eco-Friendly Features:
Energy-efficient design for reduced environmental impact
Eco-conscious practices aligning with sustainability goals
55.5 x 28.7 x 47.2 inches
200 lbs
Power Requirements:
Maximum: 240W, standby: 6.9W, sleep: 5.0W
1 year service Warranty.

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